Take2 – The real time safety risk management system, managing risks from site to the boardroom instantaneously.


Capture all safety data on any smart device  

Stakeholders can view and share the collected data in real time

Key Benefits

  • Safety is now mobile and part of your tool kit
  • No internet service – no worries
  • Automatic date, time and location stamping
  • No more messy paperwork lost on the job site
  • No more additional data entry 
  • Customised Question Sets to suit your business
  • Centralised data collection for reporting, close out and auditing
  • Monitor and control hazards as they occur
  • Share data with internal/external parties 

The Mobile App

Hazard Awareness

Stay in direct contact with your team and receive real time notifications when hazards have been identified.

Safety First

Whether you are a part of a team or an individual reporting a hazard, Take2 has you covered.

Built for Trades

With large buttons, Voice to Text, GPS technology and multimedia uploads, our Take2 App is robust.


Take2’s are recorded direct to your Risk Register, where you can assign and monitor corrective actions.

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What is included in the paid version?

  • Webpage control centre (no software to install)
  • Live dashboard showing statistics and teams
  • Search history and report on trends
  • Add job numbers to your Take2
  • Add global questions before you start a Take2
  • Add your own question sets and customise questions
  • Add check lists and audits
  • Real time hazard locations shown on a map
  • Control your teams access and level of access
  • Maintain question register
  • Risk register for risk management
  • Share your Take2’s to your group(s)
  • Share your take2’s with your client/subbie in real time
  • Manage your Team(s) and report statistics
  • Create groups and subgroups to assist reporting
  • And much much more…

Cloud Based Hub


No training required. 2BSafe provides a clean and easy-to-use web and App interface that is intuitive.


Access your account to monitor and share live data captured, to ensure all workplace hazards have been identified and controlled.

Data Standardisation

Consistent data collection process allows for easy record auditing and conformity of information.

Secure Data Storage

2BSafe utilises Microsoft Azure servers located in Sydney, Australia to safely and securely store your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Take2 cost?

We have an app only - free version which you can try. This version has limited features /functions but provides an understanding of what the application is like for the end user. We also have a paid version/premium package where you can manage your complete team. Providing dashboard, statics, history, geo locations and much much more. This version drives continual improvement through an enhanced safety culture, the Take2 system automates the complete process for you. The cost is $125 a per user per year.

Q: Is the a limit on how many users I can have under my account?

The maximum number of users under your account is governed by the number of seats you purchase. There is a minimum of 10 licenses per account. Seats are purchased in groups of 5.

Q: How long before I can get up and running?

You will be up and running straight away as the system is fully automated. Purchase your licences, login to your account area and start inviting your team to join you.

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